We are surrounded by colour!

We can’t separate ourselves from it. It impacts every part of our life, and yet we rarely pay real attention to it.
Colour is a form of energy and we are connected with it deeply through the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies. The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the colour in our home – it all affects us whether we realize of or not.
You don’t have to see colour to be affected by it, that’s why blind people are affected in many f the same ways as sighted people. Our bodies react to colour rays and use them as needed.
Working with colour can be very healing and enormously inspirational. It can make a difference to the way we create, the way we communicate and be with others.
This wonderful e-course – 30 days of colour introduces you to the full spectrum of colour and the power it has in your life. Over the next 30 days you will bring your attention to the colour in the world around you and learn to use it to brighten your mood, create a happy home, and connect with the spiritual realms.
You will begin to become aware of the benefits of different colours and your life will gain more meaning, especially at deep spiritual and creative levels.
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