‘Why did we perform that ritual around the oak tree? How does that help us become better human beings?’
‘Precisely because most people don’t perform rituals
around oak trees anymore, and because performing apparently absurd rituals, you get in touch with something deep in your soul, the oldest part of yourself, the part closest to the origin of everything’

Paulo Coelho – Aleph

Rituals are a way for us to attend to the ebb and flow of our life journey.

Over the long stretch of our seasons, and over the span of our lives, we naturally experience changes and transitions. Our most treasured friends will leave, babies will be born, lovers will cease to love us, and a zillion other forces will impact our experience of the world, our inner self, and our divine being. There is no antidote to these changes, but I believe that going through these transitions alone, and often unrecognized causes us stress, disconnection with our true and gentle heart, and separation from our inspirational being. Most of all, these experiences in isolation bring deep disconnection for other human beings, and connection with others is at the very heart and soul of our human experience

The gift I offer to you is that of renewal and regeneration through ritual and celebration and the opportunity reconnect with the neglected dimension of yourself and your loved ones.

Ritual and ceremonies used to be an everyday part of life. As human beings deep inside our heart, we still, hold our rituals sacred and we celebrate our milestones and our connections with each other. There are million special moments in our lives, I offer you the special and sacred gift of guidance on how to share them and to celebrate them in your own unique way.

Celebrating life with shared ceremonies, and experiencing the profound impact of ritual on your life will bring you closer to who you know you really are and have you experience the joy of divine connection.

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