Naming Ceremonies

Few things in life are as important as one’s name and for many families, a naming ceremony is a joyful way to welcome their new born.

Welcoming a New Child

There are many ways to welcome a new child into the world. If you are not a member of any of the major religions, you may still feel the call to make your new child’s entry into the world with a ceremony. A baby naming ceremony is a celebration in which the new child is bonded to their name and their family, and in which the child is blessed and welcomed to the world and to their community.

There are many ways to hold a baby naming ceremony and a number of rituals that can be included. I will ensure your ceremony suits you and relates to your family and community. You may want to join your ceremony with others that are happening, for example:

  • You may want to include a baby or child naming ritual with your wedding or bonding ceremony, making it a wonderful and special day for everyone.
  • At the spring equinox you might choose to have some fun and have a ”Fairy Naming Ceremony” with siblings and other young children coming dressed as fairies.

A child is a blessed gift to your family and marking their life and their joining with your family is special occasion.

What you can expect

  • I will meet with you prior to the ceremony to talk about what is important to you and to find out if there is anyone else you would like to be participating in or contributing to the ceremony.
  • I will develop a ceremony that is meaningful to you and that is truly unique to you.
  • I will send you the outline of the ceremony and check with you about any rituals to be used.
  • I will deliver the ceremony for you with your chosen friends and family present
  • I will provide you with a beautiful certificate to remember the occasion.




Sarah, Alisdair and Charlie

“I am so grateful to you for such a beautiful ceremony. You were amazing and your words so heartfelt and poignant. Just what I wanted. Thanks again and I am so pleased it was you who came to share our special day xx”

Ayla, Abby and Benji

“Our ceremony was better than we had had imagined. You honestly made the day more amazing than we could of imagined. We cannot thank you enough.”

Michelle, Matthew and Mason

“You created such a memorable ceremony for Mason and our family. Thank-you, it was just what we had hoped for”

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