“Accept who you are and the power of your might.”

Lailah Gifty Akita

You feel misunderstood, you feel like you can’t express yourself as you really are.

You feel stifled, stuck.

Awkward. Not your true free spirited self.

You are extremely sensitive in world full of sharp corners. Your imagination has you running wild and you spend too much time dreaming.

We are the same, you and me!

We are of the same tribe!

Hi there friend! I’m Marlene Butteriss. I am an artist and community worker and my passion is helping others see their own light shine.

I have spent over two decades working with people to help them plan the life they want to life and to find ways to express themselves authentically. I have been creating and selling art all my life and love nothing more than seeing people’s eyes light up when they finally see their own creativity shine. I thrive on rituals and ceremonies and have discovered how my soul is nourished by them.

Through my flagship program Watercolour Journey to Your Heart, I give creative sensitive souls a step by step guide toward finding their inner creative heart. Even people who say they can’t draw come through this program feeling like they know how to confidently find their inner artists. It’s a journey inward, and along the way I teach people the basics of watercolour.  The time people spend getting their hands dirty is the vehicle to explore a rich inner world of colour and creativity.

If you’re here to find out more about me…..

(Just keep reading, I’m sure the suspense is killing you!)

My goal is to create a life of love and joy and to share that with the world. I want to do good, live abundantly, and connect with the beautiful people in my life. My life, like yours, has been created from twists and turns and ups and downs. I have been there. I’ve been in that exact place that you are in sometimes. That place of searching but feeling like you’re never finding.
mollycircleI’ve been at a place of yearning, longing for something more. Longing for the deep and intimate connection that comes with truly sharing your authentic self. The yearning to feel connected with life, and love and with family. The yearning to experience a full heart, a life soul that is overflowing with generosity and a desire to give to others. I’ve been in that place, that undefinable place. I’ve stood at that point where I have felt alone, even though I was in a crowd. I’ve experienced the fear, the shear dread at the idea that I just can’t feel, and worse still, that I can’t offer to others the depth of love and joy that I so profoundly desire myself. I’ve felt that hunger for more.
But then, I’ve also learned how to make a deep connection with my divine self and through that connection, open myself to the world around me and to give of myself, to share myself as love unbounded with others. What I have learned is that creativity mixed with authentic celebration, and true self-expression always lead me to a life of deep connection with myself, those around me and my deepest soul space.
I show people ways to share their innermost secrets with your divine self, and I give people a map to take them on a journey to find their very own treasure buried deep within their creative soul.

My artwork is an expression of the divine self, and the heart of femininity in all its glorious forms. I bring the hidden into the light so that we can see, we three can see, you me, and she. Together we can feel into the expression of the Her divine.


I have been leading rituals and ceremonies for groups for many years. Celebrations to mark special life moments, and rituals to mark the turning of the wheel.


I have been practicing yoga since I was about 26, (about 17 years as I write this) and have recently followed a secret dream to become a yoga teacher.


I have been helping people find and tell their own stories since 2007, when I ran a successful story telling podcast & live show in Brisbane. I believe everyone has a story and everyone is a story teller.


I am a Red Tent facilitator and am a practitioner in the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter.


I took my first training and initiation in Reiki in 1997. For many years I had a small private practice, and I have practiced almost daily since. I took sacred initiations into a very pure and traditional form of Reiki. This powerful energy does not need to be diluted with other healing methodologies, it is on its own, a divine source of healing and vitality.

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