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Cleansing Ritual

I invite you to join me, to take time out to farewell that which is no longer part of who you are and prepare your heart, yours soul and your environment for the new beauty that lay ahead of you.

Before you begin, do a bit of spring cleaning and make sure you home is just the way you like it to be. Feel free to burn your favourite oils, or use a special scented room spray. Wash and clean yourself, do your hair, spray some perfume and dress in something that makes you feel beautiful.

What you need

Something to make some noise with, drum, rattles, even just your hands to clap.
Smudge stick – I like sage for cleansing
White candle
Friends and loved ones to help. You can do this on your own, but its more fun with a few of you together.
Fresh flowers.

Start your cleansing ritual

Begin in any room of the house – when you finished in one room, go to the next. Don’t forget hallways and linen cupboards, you want to cleanse every corner of your home. When you come to doorways or window openings, use a circular motion and endure you cover all entries and exits.Light your candle and smudge stick.With your friends, you can all take part, working together or going one at a time. But make it fun, energetic and exciting!!

Walk through the room making noise – clap, yell, scream, beat a drum – anything – but get that noise into the corner – shake up that stagnant energy and breath fire into it.

Walk all through the room with your candle – the point is to bring the purifying light from the whit candle into all the dark corners of your home. Make sure you bring light to the corners and cupboards and under beds etc.

Walk all through the room with your smudge stick – you want to waft that smoke into every little corner and crevice. You want the room filled with smoke till its fogging up your vision! as you do so, sing, yell or scream the following:

Cleanse this house and make it clear
Only good may enter here!!

When you have finished outside go and do the same outside – work around your home in a clockwise direction paying special attention to the door and window openings.The cleansing ritual should be fun, it should entice excitement and joy in those participating, you should feel the energy in the air and feel anticipation for the coming months of clear positive energy.When you have thoroughly cleansed every area of your home inside and out with noise light and sage, go to the front door (the door most likely to be used by guests) stand outside looking toward the door, and take a moment to gently close your eyes and give thanks for your beautiful home. Open your eyes and say:

This house is a home,
This home is blessed,
And its heart is in me.
Blessed be.
Take notice of how beautiful and clear your home now feels. Place your fresh flowers somewhere that you can see them each day. Take time to celebrate with your friends and family, enjoy a meal or a glass of wine together, and feel the energy of the new phase that you have just made room for in your  heart and your environment.

Let me know how you go with your cleansing ritual! I’d love to hear from you! Come and share with me on Facebook!
And if you think a friend would enjoy this cleansing ritual, share this page with them !!
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