Meditation can bring a vast range of benefits to your life.



Meditation can bring a huge range of benefits to your life, from feelings of calm to increases in health and well being. If you are new to meditation it can help to start with someone facilitating a guided mediation, helping to position yourself comfortably, to answer your questions, and to guide you through a visualization exercise to help you relax and move to a state of deep calm and connection with your inner being.

If you want to try meditation, You can download a guided meditation below.

I have two options for you :-

A quick and simple 3 minute starter

A longer 12 minute version – I have made this meditation for you to guide you through simple steps to relax your body and then to use your inner energy to contribute to healing your body.

I also take people on guided meditation journeys in person so call me to talk about your own particular needs.

Click here to download a free 3 minute meditation Click here to download a free 12 minute meditation for relaxation and healing


Hi Marlene,

Thank you so much for the meditation session you led for my family. As I told you when we spoke I am undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer, and was finding it very difficult to get good quality sleep.

Not only did the meditation session help me get into a better sleep pattern but it also reduced my pain levels considerably. I have been able to reduce my pain relief medication a great deal.

The session was also wonderful for my 17 year old son (who was very reluctant to try meditation and is now a convert!). He was also finding it difficult to sleep as he was stressing over his future. He said that night’s sleep was the best he has had in years and using the techniques you taught him he finally has some clarity regarding his future. I can’t wait for our next session together, and will recommend you to all my friends.

Kind Regards, Carmel Clarke

How can meditation help you?

Reduce Anxiety

When we meditation regularly we actual change, or loosen the connections on our neural pathways. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that processes information about our self and our experiences. Generally the neural pathways between the body sensations and fear centres in the brain are pretty strong. So when you get scared or hurt, it triggers a strong reaction in the brain. The brain remembers that and makes it easier for that connection to be made next time, and the next time and on and on.When we meditate that neural connection gets weakened and that means it lessons our reaction to something that may once have lit up that path way.

So, you can see how with practiced mediation over time those sensations reduce the level of anxiety we feel. At the same time, meditation increases the connections in other parts of the brain that help us reason. With regular mediation practice, we find that when something scary or upsetting happens we can better respond by being more calm and rational.

Better Focus

Mediation helps you to learn to focus. When we meditate and our mind drifts away we are aware of it and we can bring it back to where we want to be. This ability increases over time with practice and it actually helps us to focus when we are not mediating.

Increase Creativity

Open monitoring meditation has been proven to increase creativity. In open monitoring mediation we allow our self to be aware of our breathing, notice the sensations of our body, and allow our mind to be, without judgment or criticism. We allow the thoughts to flow and just observe them.

Often we have our little voice take over and we become critical and judgmental about everything, instead we just let our thoughts pass us by without attachment. Being in this flow allows our brain to follow thoughts and ideas without criticism and increases our ability to think creatively.

Increase Memory

Research has shown that mediation increased rapid memory recall. People who mediate have been found to be able to screen out distractions and increase their productivity more quickly than others. It is thought that this ability to block out distractions helps people be able to incorporate and remember new facts.

Better Sleep

Along with increased in focus and less anxiety, regular mediation allows your mind to learn to relax easier. The ability to “switch off” comes easier and this allows us to drop into a deep and sound sleep.

For information on individual or group sessions, contact me.

 Mobile 0438 921 655 or marlene.butteriss@

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