Finding your sacred gifts

Exploring Your Personal Symbology

Symbols are a method of communication which are commonplace in our daily lives, yet we often do not consciously acknowledge them. Nevertheless they have the power to stimulate our unconscious evoking certain emotions or actions – for instance a traffic light turning green instructing us to accelerate or a danger sign warning us to move forward with caution.

Symbols play an incredibly potent role in our daily lives… they help us remain safe, make decisions, affirm beliefs or ideas and more.

The incredible power of symbols comes from their ability to overcome language barriers, unlike the written word they are instantly recognisable messages which are easily absorbed and understood despite their simplicity.

Explore Your Personal Symbology
Many years ago I was sitting in a meditation room when a woman walked in and sat down in front of me. She smelled amazing and her walking in and plonking herself down was such a shock to my system it felt like I had awoken from a dream. I was attending a Vipassana meditation course, about 7 days into the 11 day gruelling schedule. Vipassana means to see things as they really are and you spend your time in silent meditation, with no contact with other people at all. On top of this you are asked to not wear scents in your hair or body, the food is quite bland, you refrain from exercise or yoga  – all of this resulted in my senses feeling very subdued thus allowing a deeper experience of the meditative state.
This woman had just arrived from the ‘outside’ to join us for the last few days and she was drenched in the most divine musky scent, which could have quite possibly been nothing more than her own body odour on our hot summer days but to my deprived senses it meant I was immediately drawn out of my mediation and my attention was on her as she sat down in front of me. To this day I remember everything about her, the red singlet, the dark wavy hair, small frame, but mostly the dragonfly on her back. It was delicate and soft but bursting with colour.
I slid back into my meditative state and went to a deeper more profound place than I had before. That afternoon on my daily contemplative walk to a small dam I was overwhelmed with the number of dragonflies in the air. Bright red and full of life, they flew here and there resting on reeds and filling the sky with the sparkle of their wings.
That day I found quite an obsession with these divine creatures. Today I have them all through my house, I have breeding places for them in my home and my entire back top to bottom is covered in dragonfly and lotus flower tattoos.
The dragonfly has become my totem. It is one of the strongest symbols in my life. To me the dragonfly says “see things as they are”, it says be light, change at a moment’s notice, you can do whatever you like. The dragonfly reminds me that I can be a ferocious killer as much as I can be a delicate being of pure light.
Explore Your Personal Symbology

I think that, like my dragonfly, symbols are an essential part of our humanness. We look for meaning in everything and signs inevitably arise. As part of our inner work and personal growth, unconsciously in our dreams, or consciously through reflection, meditation, creative visualizations or guided imagery… symbols emerge.

Concealing, revealing or containing meaning which enabling us to explore the mystery of life, achieve personal wholeness and a more satisfying life.

Sacred symbols are the emblematic expressions of our soul, enriching our spiritual and ritualistic lives over the millennia. They allow us to transcend conditional consciousness and communicate directly with our unconscious mind. Therefore by honouring them, they can be used as influential tools in personal and collective ritualistic, spiritual, and religious journeys to help us find extraordinary strengths and resources in the hidden depths of our own subconscious

What does the circle mean to you?

Other symbols are open to the interpretation of the beholder, for instance the circle which has inexhaustible interpretations. Although the circle is widely accepted as a representation of the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe, various cultures throughout the ages have developed their own understandings, for instance the Celtics, they accepted the circle as a protective boundary, not to be crossed by the enemy or evil. Within the modern age the circle has a powerful role in many cultures in the form of a ring… the placing of a ring on the finger at a wedding to signify an eternity of love and commitment to one another.

Explore Your Personal Symbology

There are sacred symbols that surround us in our everyday lives, and although we may not always consciously recognise them – they have the power to influence and guide us in so many ways, whether consciously or unconsciously. By finding your own sacred symbol, you have the potential to communicate with your own subconscious, explore and nurture soul to achieve personal wholeness.

Take the journey to find your own sacred symbols

Explore Your Personal Symbology

How do you use your symbols in your art. Symbols are such a powerful communicator and so often we see them show up repeatedly in our work but we are not sure what they represent. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces that delve deeply into the world of symbol and meaning. Click here for information about the art works and what they are about.

Explore Your Personal Symbology
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