Women’s Circle

Being with others in circle is an ancient way to connect, to collaborate and to find the path on which we want to walk together. Working in circle brings people together in connection.

Different circles are formed for different purposes, circles can be called for anything from a Red Tent or corporate planning, or anything in between. Regardless of its purpose, history has shown, and our heart knows, that being together in a circle will give access to authentic transformation.

Red Tent

Traditionally, in most cultures around the world, women have gathered together at the new moon to rest, and share and eat and play; to tell stories and to support each other to their full potential.

Together in the red tent women share and learn the sacred arts of healing and storytelling. At this time together, we share your gifts and learn from each other that which is uniquely feminine. In the red tent, women share sacred arts like clairvoyance and dream analysis; we amplify our intuition and ability to see and hear with our intuition and our deeper knowing.

We share through stories and parables, we share our own experiences and exchange myths as much as recipes and crafts.

When we take time out to focus on ourselves like this we can create and return to our loved ones replenished and nurturing. Just as we need to breathe in before we can breathe out, we need to nurture and sustain ourselves before we can continue to give to others.

Why the New Moon.

New Moons are beginnings, times to of plant seeds, set our intentions ready for the new cycle. It is a time when the Moon is not visible in the night sky and so the energies of the Feminine are focused inward rather than out into the world.

We tend to feel tired and vulnerable around the time of the new moon. We often feel like we want to focus inward and our insecurities and stories about ourselves are right at the surface. So for thousands of years women have gathered together at this time to reflect and share make offerings to one another. This is a time when we deeply need the emotional love and support offered by other women.

When we are experiencing these low times we are at our most vulnerable and open. Because of this we are in the ideal time of the month to meditate and connect deeply, channel intuitive guidance and insight.

Women often experience the moon time at the new moon and so the gathering together at this time offers opportunities to rest and replenish.


Red Tents are held each month on or near the new moon Ion the north side of Brisbane. Please contact me for details, or connect via Facebook to request to be added to the group.

The feminine is governed by the moon and the dark moon is a time of rest, a time for planning new beginnings. The dark moon is a time when you can call on all the energy of creating, manifestation. The dark moon is the day for you to call forth your intentions for the next month.

The dark moon is the time for you to hold or join your red tent, or even just connect with the women in your life. Women traditionally gathered together at dark moon to draw on the collective wisdom of the feminine psychic energy, and you can still share in this tradition today.  Even if you’re not part of a red tent, and ritual isn’t yet a regular part of your life, you can still connect with your inner feminine wisdom each month on this special day.


Call up your girlfriends, mothers, sisters, female lovers. Talk to them, share your visions and your dreams, and share your hopes and your fears. Connect and allow them to share their wisdom and offer them yours. Today is the day that as a woman you are fully open to divine messages and open to the higher wisdom of your internal goddess self. If you have a particular problem, then spend some time tonight setting your intentions for how to work with it over the next month.

For men, today is the day of the month when you give the women in your life space. Today their power is strong and you can help them connect with their feminine self by understanding this. A women in connection might appreciate you making space for her to read a book or take a bath, take the kids out for the night (teenage daughters may want to stay with their mother as they begin to feel the effect of the new moon). Look after the kids and make dinner while your beloved woman goes to the movies or for a walk under the dark sky, makes time to quietly meditate.

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