21-day journey to wholeness; Photography as a self-healing and reflective practice

Embracing your own creative self-expression can lead you on a journey to better health and happiness.

Discover your true colours & express your creativity.

This journey is aimed at exploring and discovering so that you have the freedom of creative self-expression. This 21 day journey is for anyone who wants to who wants to strengthen their creative muscles, learn photography-based mindfulness & discover your creative passion. The focus is on your authentic expression and on the value and enjoyment of creativity and the insight it can bring.

Your journey will help you discover that the way you create exposes the way we live. It awakens your ideals and beliefs and the old thought patterns and habits that keep you stuck.

Be inspired daily throughout your 21 day journey. Step into your own creative wisdom as you step into the realisation of your creative potential and find your magic!


A fresh perspective

Through developing the skill of becoming more aware of and less judgmental about your creativity, you will move away from habitual reactive patterns of thought and behaviour and begin to create more freely and authentically. You will change well-established habits of your mind and learn to take a fresh perspective.

This 21-day journey aims to facilitate rather than teach and, as such it values and encourages learning from each other. There will be a series of guided photographic activity prompts using your smartphone.  Regular group discussions offer the reflective process through which ideas are shared and developed. A supportive, non-judgemental and playful atmosphere evolves. This 21 day journey does not aim to teach a specific technique or theory, although these may be discussed.

The course structure adapts in response to the interests and issues arising from the group as a whole and the individuals within it. Therefore, each course is different and consists of what each participant brings to the group. Generosity and risk taking are important – the more you put in, the more you get out. It is essential to participate in an atmosphere of trust. Tears and laughter happen in these creative journey’s, and your judgments and assessments are replaced with curiosity and inquiry.



How does this 21-day journey help you to heal?

There is evidence that suggests engaging with artistic activities, whether observing the creations of others or creating your own, can enhance your mood, emotions and have a noticeable impact on your physical and mental health.

Diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes continue to have a major impact on the health of Australian women. These diseases are associated with psychosocial difficulties such as depression and chronic stress, contributing to negative cardiovascular outcomes. Participating in creative activities has the potential to contribute toward reducing stress and depression and can serve as a vehicle for alleviating the burden of chronic disease.

There is increasing evidence that embracing your own artistic expression might be used in a variety of ways to heal emotional injuries, deal with trauma, increase self-understanding, develop a capacity for self-reflection, reduce symptoms, and alter behaviours and thinking patterns.

Engaging in simple daily creative activities can provide you with skills and knowledge to respond to your day to day stressors, situational depressions or anxiety might even reduce your symptoms. Engaging in daily creative activities will promote self-reflection and give you the time to refocus and gain a new perspective.

This is particularly so for photography given that you have a smart phone right there in your pocket and that you can easily share on platforms such as Instagram.

So join me on a 21 day journey that will provide you with an experience of deep reflection and learning to seek out new perspectives. Our 21-day journey together will take you through a series of learning activities to develop and strengthen your smartphone photography skills.


21-day journey to wholeness; Photography as a self-healing and reflective practice

Our journey together comes with

  • Daily smartphone photography guides for 21 days.
  • Daily photography inspiration prompts to guide you on the journey.
  • Daily guidance to self-reflection
  • Simple do at home morning yoga sequence to enhance creativity
  • Downloadable guided meditation.
  • Opportunity to share your images via Instagram with special journey hashtag.
  • Secret Facebook group to safely share your photos, meet and talk to others sharing the journey.


Entry Requirements

This course is only suitable for those with good conversational English to engage in the online discussions and these are as important as the artwork undertaken. Participants must be motivated to explore creative processes and generosity towards self expression within a sharing, confidential group are essential.

Who should take this journey?

This course will suit you if you are curious and inquiring, wishing to explore creative processes and self-expression. Perhaps you are looking for the opportunity to play with your smartphone camera, learn new ways of seeing the world and find out what happens in a sharing group! Join this course if you are feeling stuck or stale, creatively isolated or at a turning point. Join the journey if you want to explore the world around you are using your smart phone camera. It is essential that you are committed to your creative development and wishing to engage with others in the creative process.

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Please note: This course is for participants aged 13 and older.





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