The Ritual Walk

I have always enjoyed walking – a gentle stroll. It allows me time to stroll deeper inward, one-foot strike at a time in the outer world. Walking, wandering, strolling; these gentle movements bring me closer to my humanness. We live...
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If you are an empath, you already know

You know those online quizzes that are really popular nowadays? The ones that tell you if you are an empath or not. Well, I think they are a bit redundant because like most sensitive souls, if you are an empath...
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Mindful listening to re-calibrate

A missed connection today left me standing in the street, sun blazing down, holding my notebooks and realizing my planned meeting wasn’t going ahead. Instead of returning to the office, I wandered into the near by park and took a...
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The sweetest surprise

I had the most delightful surprise. I recently went to the Sunshine coast looking forward to a relaxing weekend by the beach. I arrived to find my own artwork adorning the walls of this newly renovated apartment. If you like...
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How to be conscious

Below are some simple “practices” that have become themes in my consciousness throughout my days—they are the threads that weave my day together and infuse my day with a connection to what is. Morning intention. Before I get out of...
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Bring spirituality into your life – connect with your higher self.

Many of us want to bring spirituality into our lives but don’t know where to begin. Or we think we have to sit in silent meditation for an hour each day in order to be “spiritual.”  But this is just...
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