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Rituals to increase passion and embody love

Since the very beginning of time, people have attempted rituals that induce love and stir desire.  Some of the best stimulants of this type are naturally occurring foods like avocados, onions, ginseng, and ginger. These have a very subtle effect,...
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Finding your artistic passion

Making art is part of the human experience. Whether it is painting, sculpture, poetry, cooking, even the way you dress each day, it doesn’t matter, its part of who we are. I really believe that anyone who says “I am...
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Open your heart chakra pranayama

Yoga postures, or asanas, are often the first thing people learn when they start yoga. Depending upon the style of yoga you are learning you could also have the pleasure of learning pranayama. Prana means life force energy, or energy...
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Can you believe this word? This is real – this word (that I cannot pronounce) means the fear of imperfect creative activity. It fits so perfectly with my thoughts of late. Its January, I am making a million plans about...
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Ritual to usher in a new year

I want to share with you a simple way to bring in the new year. A simple ritual to cleans your environment and soul perfect fro the ending of 2017 and what ever it held for you so that you have a...
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Resolve to Evolve: Set Your Yogic Intentions

Set an intention and infuse the new year with positive change. On New Years Eve I did a yoga workshop with the wonderful Julie Smerdon at Shri Yoga. I used this time to reach deep inward and look for what...
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