Drawing Inspiration

December 29, 2017

How do you find inspiration for your pen drawings. It’s a huge world out there and there are a gazillion things to draw, – that’s right, a ‘gazillion’.

It’s really a matter of picking something and getting started. It doesn’t matter your skill level; if you are just starting out or you’ve drawn for a while and want to keep learning and practicing. It’s hard to know where and when inspiration will strike, therefore it’s good to carry pen and a sketch pad with you. Some of the places to strike up inspiration might be your local café or park. I have one with me all the time.

With summer here, a lot of people are outside walking their dogs, licking ice cream cones, talking on their phones, or hanging out with friends. Start to pay attention to the little things – the way the bright sun beats down, casting shadows of the trees and power lines, the way the lines on a brick wall appear. In a café, as he pours coffee for someone, or delivers a plate of food, notice the bend of a waiter’s wrist.

As an artist, it is your job to notice specifics, the details, and draw them. Pen drawings are as simple or as complex as you could make them. The only limitations are the ones you decide to set for yourself.

To find inspiration for your art, do as Anne Sexton said & put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard. Click To Tweet

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