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March 11, 2018

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It can be so hard to find inspiration at times. Especially for those of us who have a 9-5 job outside of art. We may be too tired to think straight, or distracted by our daily routine. In such situations, we have to search for sources of inspiration and creativity.

Regardless if you’re experiencing artists block, or just need some ideas on where to look for artistic inspiration, these ideas might (hopefully) help.


Inspiration ideas are all around us, everywhere an artist ventures, who we speak with, what we experience, and everything we do outside of the studio. Click To Tweet

Listen to music

Listening to music constantly sets a mood while painting and creating artwork. ¬†Whether it’s soft and tender, or fast rhythmic songs, the music will assist to clear your head from distractions. Although you’re probably accustomed to one kind of music, but if you are feeling unimaginative, listen to something you’ve not listened too much before. One idea would be to place on an album from your younger years. This might just get your creative juices flowing once again.

Take a load of photographs

Take a camera or use your phone wherever you go and take plenty of pictures. Photograph anything that grabs your attention. Regardless of what is your style of artwork, you’ll develop a better eye for composition than you ever thought possible. Occasionally review your photographs and choose the best for printing or saving. Either create a scrapbook or photo album which might be used for ideas, or pin all the best pictures to a wall. I often use Print studio to get a bunck of inspiring images printed on the cheap.

Read a Book

Reading stimulates the creative thinking. If you’re a reader already, try reading something totally different. Ideas might spring to mind that never occurred to you and you might wind up feeling more inspired.

Go on a Hike or a bike ride, etc.

Get outdoors, and take a walk along a trail or beach, or for a bike ride, and clear your head. Nature is always uplifting. There’s so much pure beauty that most of us miss out on daily. In addition take a sketch book and camera phone along sometimes, and sketch or photograph anything that appeals to you.

Look after your health

Being physically healthy, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep have impact on inspiration. It could be hard to feel creative when over exhausted and not exercising on a regular basis. The more healthy we are, the better our chances of finding inspiration.

Listen to Dreams

Dreams have inspired many artists throughout the years. Some dreams are extremely vivid, and inspirational. I have dreamed about new paintings at times. Have you ever experienced this?

It can help to get a sketchbook next to your bed in case you wake up out of an intriguing dream. Record it right away while it is clear in your head, or it will more than likely be forgotten by morning.

Collaborate with other artists

Consider doing a project or artwork with some other artists. Every artist has their very own distinct perspective and ways of looking at things. You might learn to see things and might feel inspired to create artworks that would not have come up without the added inspiration of collaborations.


What else do you do to stay inspired?

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