Rituals to increase passion and embody love

February 6, 2018

Since the very beginning of time, people have attempted rituals that induce love and stir desire.  Some of the best stimulants of this type are naturally occurring foods like avocados, onions, ginseng, and ginger. These have a very subtle effect, so if you want something a little stronger, here are a few simple little rituals you can use to increase the passion in your heart, your life and your relationships.

Increase the passion with your lover

Try this ritual to add that special exotic energy to your relationship, or even to help a new one start off on the right foot. Maybe you could even use this ritual to prepare for your wedding night!

You will need:

  • A new music CD or put together a special playlist and put the music onto a new USB.
  • Sandalwood incense
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Hot pink or magenta paper

Choose romantic music that your partner will like, but preferably doesn’t already own. This ritual is done on a Friday night as sex and love is traditionally ruled by the planet Venus, whose day is Friday.  So, on a Friday night when can be alone alone, open the CD / prepare your USB, light the incense, put some sandalwood oil on your body, and have as much fun as a you can have alone (use your imagination). While clutching the CD /USB to your heart, say:

Sound of love,

Love of sound,

Bring it through,

Bring it round.

Eros Audiere!

Wipe a small smear of the oil across the CD (in its case) or the USB then pass it through the incense smoke and concentrating all your energy on the love and passion you feel for this person, say:

Full of lust, love and light,

Music of the heart fly free,

Fill us with joy and might,

As we listen, may it be tonite!

Wrap the CD / USB in the pink paper and give it to your partner. Make sure you listen to it the first time together, and wear a little of the sandalwood oil.

* Eros Audiere roughly translates to sound of love or hear my love.


Promised Land

The name of this ritual has roots in the Bible and God as the foods that we use are all mentioned in the Bible in association with the Promised land. The Promised Land is often used to refer to a “coming home” , and very often this is associated with love relationships.

You will need:

  • Raisins
  • Almond milk
  • Honey
  • Red candles
  • Any special trinkets or items that symbolise love and passion to you.

This ritual will help guide your soulmate to your door. Raisins and almonds are said to make someone hear and recognize the call of home, and the almond milk and honey are mixed to find happiness and bring fulfillment in love.

Have a bath and cleanse yourself, dress in something you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Prepare a special place for your red candle. Place your objects around the candles (for example, I use a rose quartz here), do this with care and love with the intention of creating beauty and comfort.

Gently warm your milk, and take it and your honey and raisins and sit by your candle and light the candle. As the candle flickers, concentrate your energy and thoughts on love, passion and the qualities that embody a soulmate. While you do this, eat your raisins. Stir a teaspoon of your honey into your milk and drink it with your raisins. Keep a few of your raisins aside to place under your pillow when you go to bed. Don’t forget to extinguish your candle before you retire.


Feeling gloppy and unattractive?

Try this gentle ritual to feel sexy and lovable.

On a Friday night, fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it. Light some vanilla candles and/or incense. As you lie in the water, meditate on the image / qualities of yourself you would like to project to the world around you and say these words:

Earth, Air, Fire, Sea

Let the Goddess’ beauty

Shine through me

 Woman bathing with flower petals

Take a sacred bath with your lover

A sacred bath is a bath for your inner consciousness and purification. It can include essential oils, crystals, lighting a candle, creating an intention, meditation, visualization and prayer. It just takes 25 minutes, but it creates a powerful high impact time that facilitates an energetic shift in your relationship.

In her book “The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit,” Dr. Paulette Sherman says that if you were creating a bath to increase your passion you could put in a few drops of Jasmine oil, said to enhance romantic and spiritual love. Rose essential oil represents love, femininity and emotional feeling, Ylang Ylang essential oil is an aphrodisiac and Neroli essential oil is associated with romance and sensuality. You can then drop in your rose quarts into your bathwater, which is said to awaken love in those married but jaded.

When you climb into the sacred waters together spend time talking about and visualizing the things you love about each other and this will increase your positive feelings. Your sacred bath together is an opportunity to remember all the good things and to bring back appreciation and passion.


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